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Herbert MensahThis space was inspired by my personal experiences in Africa and abroad and a realisation that the solutions to the problems and challenges of Africa and the world for that matter will not be found by entrusting them to the politicians of today.

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Sometimes when fear of something enters into our subconscious it not only affects our perception of truth and reality but can also set into motion a series of occurrences which can destroy relationships and life!

One of our biggest challenges is to identify what our fears are and then understand that these need to be isolated and managed without seeking to draw others into the dark spiral which will eventually leave us sad and all alone!

Herbert Mensah at the Commission of Inquiry


Never give up or lose faith in something that you know God has placed in your life. Be patient and remember there is a time for EVERYTHING. 
We all experience failure in our life and though failure sucks to experience, it is just an inevitable part of what helps to make life uncomfortable in certain moments. The more that we proceed through life the more that we are faced with the fact that there are going to be instances in which we will have to try things more than once.

In order to continually obtain success we have to be willing to say the word “try” instead of even thinking of using the word “can’t”. We must not only think we can do something before we try something, but we must have belief even after we have failed so many times. There can be no ounce of “quit” inside any person who wants to achieve great things ….. it is because of this.

The Eternal Mystery of Love

Red-Big-Heart-Love is beautiful but it can also ravage and destroy. It brings pleasure and it brings pain. It brings joy and it brings sorrow. It brings light and it brings darkness. It brings laughter and it brings tears. It brings peace and it brings turmoil.

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Life lessons

When you throw bread to fish do not expect them to rise to the surface and thank you!

Goodness will always come from God!

The Power of Encouragement

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the famous 19th-century poet and artist, was once approached by an elderly man. The old fellow had some sketches and drawings that he wanted Rossetti to look at and tell him if they were any good, or if they at least showed potential talent.

Rossetti looked them over carefully. After the first few, he knew that they were worthless, showing not the least sign of artistic talent. But Rossetti was a kind man, and he told the elderly man as gently as possible that the pictures were without much value and showed little talent. He was sorry, but he could not lie to the man. The visitor was disappointed, but seemed to expect Rossetti’s judgment.

He then apologised for taking up Rossetti’s time, but would he just look at a few more drawings – these done by a young art student? Rossetti looked over the second batch of sketches and immediately became enthusiastic over the talent they revealed. “These,” he said, “oh, these are good. This young student has great talent. He should be given every help and encouragement in his career as an artist. He has a great future if he will work hard and stick to it.”

Rossetti could see that the old fellow was deeply moved. “Who is this fine young artist?” he asked. “Your son?” “No,” said the old man sadly. “It is me – 40 years ago. If only I had heard your praise then! For you see, I got discouraged and gave up – too soon.”

- Author Unknown

Politics and Ghana ……

I have been bombarded in my inbox about why i do not get involved in national issues so i have penned a few paragraphs to broadly explain why!

Ghana is bigger than all of us and loyalty to public servants in the face of failure and wrong doing is as sinful as the wrong doers! The majority of our problems over the years have not required any levels of genius to figure out and suggestions on resolving should not have been the preserve of pointless committees rather one of strong, decisive, brave and patriotic leadership!

As a patriot my concerns have always been about Ghana first rather than individuals which is why i refused to support various Minister of Sports over the years, taken on misuse of funds in campaigning as well as the arrogance of political power exhibited by some who have behaved as though their tenure was forever and that they were accountable to no one other than themselves! In fact there are no areas that this does not apply and it is perhaps for this reason that i am invariably misunderstood (especially by those incapable of true separation of right from wrong from personal or nepotic gain) and excluded from most obvious chances to serve!

Over the past 16 years i have reached out on all sides of the divide when and where i have felt there is a contribution to make which could make a difference. My help sadly is rarely embraced and I like the rest of Ghanaians often have to sit as politicians with little to no experience, sophistication or ability mess up! 

Even though my educational discipline is Economics my forte’ has been as a businessman, marketer, administrator and global being. As ministers are appointed I like you know that more often than not they simply do not have the capacity to comprehend let alone deliver and this is why i (and like minded people) try and reach out irrespective of who they are!

The less said at this point (although not for long) about Sports and soccer the better but as a Ghanaian i feel the pain like everyone!


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